The FIFA World Cup has started in Brazil. The first game was played and Brazil won by three goals to one against Croatia. Most people watching the game would arguably say that the referee of this encounter was the man of the match with some botched calls made.

Hopefully this should not be the pattern in officiating. The lions watched the game from the comfort of their hotel rooms and saw how their future opponents played and what looked like on the field. Brazil showed its future opponents they were vulnerable. The score line does not reflect the energy and skills displayed by the Croatians who arguably went home shaking their heads they took a look back at the game and relived the botched calls made by the referee.

Cameroon will play Mexico tomorrow and in a press conference, Rafa Marquez the Mexican captain, stated that Cameroon was a tactically undisciplined team and they were ready for tomorrow’s challenge.

The decor is set and ready for tomorrow and let the spectators enjoy the art to be put forward by the artist who are veiling to life the World Cup. Hopefully the referees can stay out of the game and not be part of the deciding factor of tomorrow’s game between Cameroon and Mexico.

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