Kila Jisi

The finals of the 2014 edition of the Bui Sports Fans Competition have been billed for this week-end at the JP Melen Stadium with Royal FC locking horns with the Kiloum Bees from Oku.

Dzekwa FC came for the return leg with expectations after winning Royal Olympic of Kikai 2-1 but their hopes were dashed when Royal Olympic not only leveled scores, but sent them packing form the competition.

Kiloum Bees for their part did not give a chance for their opponents to get to the finals. But it should be noted that the game between Royal Olympic and Dzekwa FC was more exciting.

The return leg was played under the watchful eyes of the Roving Ambassador, African football icon of the century, Roger Milla and Former Cameroon Coach Jules Nyongha.

On the occasion Ngongha spotted some promising talents who would eventually integrate bigger clubs.

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