Kila Jisi

The Cameroonian delegation to the Fifa World Cup in Brazil has been delayed by 12 hours because the players refused to leave Cameroon.

They said they would take the fees agreed with the government, FCFA 50million only if the football federation provides its quota.

Departure planned for this morning could not take place though other members of the delegation were at the airport and boarded by 7:00 am while waiting for the players for the flight to take off by 9: am.

But, the players were not there even at midday. The Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Adoum Garoua and Fecafoot Transition President, Joseph Owona at 12:30pm held a meeting with the players.

At the end of the meeting, the Sports Minister told the press that there was a misunderstanding which had been resolved.

“There was a misunderstanding which has been was resolved, everybody is ready to board by 9:30 to Brazil”, he said.
Joseph Owona stated that, “Everything has been resolved, the government would pay FCFA 50million and Fecafoot would pay 6 percent of 8 million US dollars deducted from the taxes that would be paid to the Brazilian government which is 15percent”.

“We have opted for transparency, and have shown the players the contracts signed, even the details between the parties.

“There is no problem and I think the team needs to be mobilised for all to look in one direction.”
This means that each player would get FCFA 6 million in addition to the FCFA 50million already agreed with the government.

But, the drama with the fees resurfaced again after the Cameroon beat Moldova 1-0 at the Amadou Ahidjo Stadium.
The players all disappeared after the match and refused to take the symbol of country, the flag from the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang.

Volker Finke had to become the flag bear for Cameroon in the absence of the captain and his teammates.
Meanwhile, in an earlier meeting, government and the players had agreed on the FCFA50million but the players insisted to have the quota from the federation.

According to Samuel Eto’o Fils, the players make the money for the federation and it is but normal that they ask for their due and also know how the money from the World Cup qualification would be utilised.

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