At the end of the 1-0 game against Moldova in favour of the Lions, Volker Finke was left alone to receive the flag after the players all disappeared during the improvised government farewell ceremony.

The Prime Minster, Philemon Yang on the occasion handed the flag to the coach who in the company of football authorities showed round the satdium.

But, many still continue to wonder why the coach and not the team captain or players was the flag-bearer.

Lions4life later learnt that the players deserted the ceremony because their captain told them no one should attend as a way of sending a message to government concerning the fees.

While the team and government agreed on FCFA 50 million, the players’ still insist the football federation should bring its share.

The players and the official delegation were expected to leave early tomorrow morning to Brazil but lions4life gathered that the players went home to their families instead.

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