kila Jisi

Ahead of their farewell match against Moldova, the Lions trained at the Amadou Ahidjo Stadium yesterday without their captain Samuel Eto’o Fils.

Coming back from the break after the friendly against Germany, the Lions were home to have last blessings from their families and only came back to camp this morning.

Eto’o was spotted arriving camp but it was surprising that he did not show up for training.

Mbia and Makoun trained aside from the others with Finke putting up his possible team against Moldova.

During the training the staff of the Ministry of Health National Immunization Programme were in the field to encourage the vaccination of children between 0-11 months and some players were administered drops of the vaccine.

The the fans were exigent, asking for water, shirts and crowding around the bus to call the names of their fans and the police hard a busy time sending them away.

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