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Roving Ambassador, Albert Roger Milla, the oldest player in the history of the World Cup to have scored four goals, the finest African player of the decade, says the indomitable lions are not convincing ahead of the World Cup. He told lions4life that the team needs some adjustment ahead of the World Cup, and would like to see the Lions go far in the competition though questions if the team has the motivation and force to achieve their objectives. However, he hopes the coach can put in place a team to rival Mexico in the Lions opening match.

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What is your appreciation of the Indomitable Lions after two test matches, against Macedonia and Paraguay?
Not a positive note for me, the lions pained for the two matches, easy game against Macedonia but the lions were in difficulty, a team that Cotonsport can defeat easily even with a score of 4-0.
Against Paraguay, the team suffocated even as they played with the junior players of Paraguay, much still needs to be done.

Does the Coach have time to still work and correct the wrongs in the team?
Yes we have some days and if the coach is intelligent and good he can achieve a lot of things. But, personally, I do not believe in him.

What should be changed in the team at this moment?
It is difficult because we don’t even know the team that is going to play, we don’t have a typical team, we can only change things on a team we count on to start the game at the World Cup.

Problems in the defence and right flank have lingered for long do you think these can be solved?
The right flank and defence have not been working well that is why there is need to fine someone for that position. We had one playing in Russia, Benoit Obgwa, he could fit because that is his post. Now we are trying to create players to play in this position and it is difficult. For the remaining 13 days, I hope the coach can put a team in place to rival with Mexico.

What are your hopes for the Indomitable Lions at the World Cup?
To win and go as far as possible, but is the team motivated or have the resources and the strength to achieve this?

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