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The Idriss Carlos Kameni, ICK Foundation is on the move as the founder has added his special touch for the structure to finally take-off.


It was during a series of matches played at the College Vogt Stadium that the always jovial goalkeeper put the foundation on the rails to take youths to attain heights beyond his level.


On the occasion he said, “ICK was created in my absence and it was just normal that I put my personal touch for ICK young players and the people around to know that the structure exists”.

He rationalised that ICK foundation is only a name and a group within the precinct to support youths with the foundation serving as the umbrella.

Going by him, though ICK exists, but behind, there is also Nassara and Sebelas which he helps with equipment when possible.

Nassara 1

It was also an opportunity for Kameni to show appreciation for Nassara, the club that nurtured his football in the early days and the Sebelas Foundation which invests in youth development at the Mateco area in Ngoa Ekelle.

“I wanted to give Nassara and Sebelas Foundation my unconditional support for the youths to train in better conditions to become professional footballers”, he said.


He gave a set of shorts and shirts, balls and gloves to the Nassara and Sibelas to help in developing youth football and stockings, shorts and shirts to referees.

Showing concern for youth football development has always been in the Olympic Lions’ character and he justifies the concern thus, “because I know where I come from and that it is not always easy with the low purchasing power, youths need support because the future of football lies with them”.

To him, youths form the pillars of football and those who are now playing in the national team all passed through youth championships, reason he laments these no-longer exist to bring together youths.

He urged coaches not to relent, to continue working with the young players for them to become good footballers in future.

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