Kila Jisi

Rigobert Song Bahanag, former Lions captain, now Team Manager of the Indomitable Lions has expressed the hope to see the indomitable lions perform better than in 2010.

As a player in 2010, Rigobert was in the opposing camp to Samuel Eto’o Fils with whom poor relations degenerated into internal squabbles resulting to the worst performance Cameroon has experienced in their World Cup history.

The Lions came out of the competition with no point in the first round disappointing fans and football lovers who had been used to basking in the performance Indomitable Lions.

But, here is the emblematic captain fondly called “manyang’ one of the 2010 actors saying, “We have to make sure 2010 does not repeat itself in 2014. We are going to do everything for a better performance. We have the capacity to go beyond 2010 performance”.

Commenting on the preparation of the team Song said being among the 32 teams that qualified for the World Cup, is already formidable.

He told that preparations for the World Cup were put in place the day team qualified, with a detailed programme later laid out.

Following the training programme, the lions go to camp in Austria on May 21 and would play two friendlies at the end of the training camp on May 26 against Macedonia and may 29 against Paraguay.

Volker Finke and his squad have 10 days to rectify the wrongs in the team both technical and tactical and prove to Cameroonians that they are ready for the World Cup.

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