We have aged four years but nothing seems to change with the Cameroonian team. Finke has released his list of 30 players just like any other coach who is going to the world cup. When taking a retro look at World Cup 2010, nothing seems to significantly change.

The same old players who could not put the country first but sat on their egos are back again. Let us hope this time around, they can co-exist and make the world cup merrier not only for Cameroonians around the world, but their fans in general.

Finke the Cameroonian manager, is counting on experience when you take a look at his 30 man list. Cameroon can change coaches as much as they want or lockup the president of FECAFOOT as they please, when it comes to the team itself, nothing has changed.


Of the 30 man list, at least 18 of them participated in South Africa 2010 and are sure to make it back in 2014 in Brazil. Of these 18 players who participated in the last world cup, six of them know this is surely going to be their last world cup.

Zooming in a little closer and looking at this list, more than half of this team had a mediocre season or were active bench warmers in their teams where ever they played. At a time when most or if not all Cameroonians know that this team is going to South America mostly for tourism, this would have been a great opportunity to plan for the future. The world cup experience is unique in itself and you can only live it if you are there.

Some players listed on this list probably think and know that they are place holders for the final list. This is their first time joining the team or these players had a very poor season. One goal keeper will go home irrespective of how good they all perform. The left back positions seems likely to lose a player when the final list comes out. The Center Defense is surely going to drop a player too.

One or two players may go home from the midfield, and at this moment in time, Aboubakar already got confirmation that he is going to be in the world cup from the Cameroonian team manager. Eto’o is the captain of the team, and not taking Choupo will be shooting yourself in the foot. Olinga showed flashes of brilliance when the season started but has disappeared in the dull room of darkness in Belgium.

Any fan or pundit who has followed the lions for the last six years can comfortably pick 20 players Finke is going to take to the world cup. As usual, time has gone by and nothing has significantly changed with the team. Hopefully in four years time in Russia, Cameroonians are not going to find the usual suspects. From Paul Le Gwen to Finke, 4 years have passed and nothing has significantly changed with the team. Hopefully 4 years from today, Cameroonians will be looking at a brighter and better future.



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  1. Yes Yes says:

    Everyone has his or her own opinion about this issue of the cameroon national team. Four years ago, these most of these players were under twenty fives, but today they are all mature. Look at aboubakar who came out second top scorer in France. Four years ago he was unable to even score a single goal for his club. Take a look at choup and matip they have had tremendous contributions for their respective teams this season. Look at Mbia who have won the europa league and even scored a penalty. Men let’s be positive and be successful in the world cup. Allez les lion………

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