Kilaa Jisi

Prof. Joseph Owona, President of the Normalisation Committee, has said putting the federation on the rails and conducting elections for football to be reverted to footballers does not mean football to former indomitable Lions.

There have been complaints that former footballers have been sidelined in the new statutes but the argument has been that there is a lot of division among former footballers and none of the associations can be admitted to be part of the elections.

Also some former footballers are in the battle to be part of the management of the federation, but if exempted due to division and some suspended with the clubs, their chances of being at the helm of control seem slim.

It was against this background that Owona said the statutes harmonised by Fifa has preempted regulations such that football would be an affair of footballers.

But he warns that, “Football to footballers does not mean football to former Indomitable Lions and we have to be clear on this”.


Going by him, this means representation of clubs in professional football, amateur football, specialised football for youths and women in the ten regions.

We have adopted transparency rules, to stop transportation of elections, transparent ballot boxes and electoral commission to supervise elections, he said.

He added that the compilation of electoral list is underway,football to be controlled footballers.

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