Jisi Kila

Knowing the current position of the Indomitable Lions in the Fifa ranking, 50th and the recent poor performance against Portugal, trashed 5-1 in a warm up match, many analysts can not but wonder if the world football governing President, Sepp Blatter was joking when he said the Indomitable Lions would be indomitable during the World Cup come June.

“And the Indomitable Lions would be indomitable”, Blatter declared. But, to many football analysts this may just be wishful thinking as Cameroonians are of the opinion that the Lions are on a leisure trip to Brazil, condemned to the group stage.

However, there is a glimmer of hope that the Austrian training camp billed from the 19-30th of this month would help in preparing the Lions to participate honourably in the World Cup.

Taking about the performance of African five at the World Cup, Blatter said, “I am certain Cameroon and four others would have a good World Cup”.

“Good luck to African teams, and let everyone rally behind African teams”. African teams, “I think they will cause commotion”.

“The Fennec Foxes of Algeria are out to chase on the field, the Elephants would ‘boum boum’, push everything aside, the Black Stars to gain additional stars, the Super Eagles would fly on the competition and the Indomitable Lions would be indomitable”.

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