Kila Jisi

Fifa President, Sepp Blatter and Caf President have inugurated the Caf Technical Centre in Mbankomo.

Blatter at Mbankomo

Appreciating the centre, he said, “My first impression when we approached Mbakomo was that the centre was big, when I saw the centre from far, I asked Hayatou, (CAF President) are we going into a town? Hayatou said, no, no it is the Centre of Excellence”.

“I appreciate all those who worked for the construction of this centre, it is really an impressive site, a big centre, a beautiful centre which would be useful not only to youths in Cameroon, but Africa as there are also two other centres in Dakar and Ethiopia, Hayatou’s initiative to have three centres for youths and African football development.

Blatter recounted his journey with Africa, meeting a young man who was in charge of Fecafoot secretariat and who is now a big football person, a football god, with whom they have journeyed together.

Blatter, Hayatou and Adoum

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