Kila Jisi

Football icon, Joseph Antoine Bell has light the flames that signal the opening of the 17th edition of the University Games under the theme, “the games of national concord”.

As a Sawa son in the Littoral region where the games are taking place there was no better person to light the flames of the games other than Bell, who executed the task expected of him majestically and in respect of the traditional chiefs at the Campus of the University of Douala on May 3.

As is the tradition of the games an athlete brought the flames which were handed to Bell who proceeded to light the flames suspended on a fish designed to portray the Sawa culture.

Opening the games the Minister of Higher Education had to join the trend in hinting that a football god was awaited in the capital for the inauguration of the CAF Centre at Mbankomo.

He told the crowd that Douala is the institution with bright colours a town of football, that made its glorious steps with icons like, former striker Samuel Mbappe Leppe remarked for his dangerous shot, Issac Mbette with spectacular dribble.

Others are Ebele Toto, Epacka, Moukoko Confiance without forgetting Roger Milla from Japoma, whose name is found in the Larousse Dictionary, and Cecile Mbango Olympic gold medallist in triple Jump.

He urged the athletes to emulate these icons and patriots who wrote their names in golden letters in the crystals of sands.

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