Kila Jisi

Unisport of Bafang after defeating Tonnerre Kalara Club at home 1-0, has taken a clear lead of the local championship after day 15 with 28 points.

TKC of Yaounde

The match played at the Amadou Ahidjo Stadium saw Alexandre Elouna give a beautiful shot which Roussel Kana Tesse connected right into the net in the first half of the encounter.


While TKC pressed hard, Elouna and his defense line fortified guard to the end of the game, but not before a shocking collision with Unisport attacker brought Pierre Sylvain Abogo, TKC goalkeeper crashing to the ground unconscious.

Pierre goalkeeper

It took the efforts of the medical staff to revive and bring him out gradually of his unconsciousness and took helped him out of the field.

At the end of the game, Unisport Coach, Jovanovic Sinisa said, “We came to Yaoundé to win this match; we like to play in Yaoundé because the field is good, a nice place for football which encourages play”.


His squad missed a lot of scoring opportunities in the first half and for Unisport to have been able to repeat the 1-0 win eight times; the team played well but should have done better, Sinisa said.

Dieudonne Nke, TKC Coach expressed disappointment saying he could not be happy losing the game. TKC failed to win because, “the players lacked lucidity and finishing upfront”, Nke said.

Dieudonne Nke

Though TCK failed to win, the team played well and for Nke this team is being groomed with room to improve on the lapses.


Results of Day 15
Tkc – Unisport : 0-1
Panthère – Apejes : 1-0
Fovu – Bamboutos : 0-1
Sable – Scorpion : 1-1
New stars – Dac : 2-1
Yong sport – Astres : 1-1
Ums – Njalla Quan : 1-0

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