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Ernest Sanwo is the tall lanky defender of Young Sport Academy, Yosa who after plying his trade in Thailand has returned to the local league; he helped his club to draw 2-2 with Apejes of Mfou during the day 14 match played at the Amadou Ahidjo Stadium on Sunday April 13.


It was a long shot about 30 meters from the goalpost, a fault on Yosa player and Sanwo took the shot, drove it right pass Javier Charles Mbarga, Apejes goalkeeper into the net at the close of the game.

Excited after the exploit, Sanwo said, “my team was down, we believed we could make it and that is why I had to drive from a distance”.

“I was determined and luckily, I hit the ball on target”.

Though Apejes tried to impose their rhythm on Yosa in the second half, we tried to come out with one point, which is not bad, Sanwo said.

Guy Bertin Djiepnang, Apejes Coach was simply amazed by the shot and said this of Sanwo, “from 30 meters, the player was hopeful and determined and with an exceptional shot, snatched a point”.

Though Apejes opened scores, the coach acknowledged, Yosa was strong enough to hold them captive first half.

Nyuydorgha Nsamelu diverted a ball upfront to the attack line for Yosa to level scores 1-1 before both teams went for break.


A delayed action from Yosa goalkeeper attracted him a yellow card and a free kick which Apejes netted to increase tally for Apejes only for Sanwo to come back and deny Apejes their leadership position.

With the lead, Apejes needed to be very careful, Djiepnang said the players lost concentration and the equaliser came. Bravo Yosa, he said.

Guy Bertin Djiepnang-Apejes Coach

But he said, “We have to stress to our players that when we are leading and close to the end of the match, foolish mistakes have to be avoided”.

Yosa coach, Enow Ngatchu for his part said the two teams played very well and deserved to be appreciated. He hailed the one point picked outside their base.

“The teams showed that Cameroon football still has some value”, he hinted. Despite playing well, Yosa in the 12th position and Enow holds that the team is still having psychological problems as most of their points are picked away from home.

Yosa Coach

“We need to talk encouragingly to the players and hope to start winning at home”, Enow said.

Apejes-Yosa coach

Day 14 Results

Douala : DAC 1-0 Panthère of Ndé
Yaoundé : Apejes de Mfou 2-2 Yong Sport Accademy of Bamenda
Bafia : Cosmos 2-1 Tonnerre of Yaoundé
Limbé : Njalla Quan sport 0-1 Fovu club of Baham
Mbouda : Bamboutos 1-0 New Stars of Douala
Bafang : Sable de Batié 0-0 Union of Douala
Bafang: Unisport 1-0 Renaissance of Ngoumou

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