Kila Jisi

The office of the President of Etoile Filante of Garoua, (former Fecafoot President Iya Mohammed’s) hinge man, Abdouramane Hamaodou has been looted.

Coincidentally, the incident occurred a few days after Abdouramane disclosed that he had lodged a suit at the International Sports Tribunal, TAS to contest the prolongation of the mandate of the Normalisation Committee.

The door was broken , drawers and cartoons searched but nothing apparently was stolen despite the fact that there were valuable items in the office.

This is not the first time Abdouramane’s offices is vandalised, the same scenario occurred last year during the election crisis at the Fecafoot.

According to Abdouramane the main entrance remained closed and the night watchmen said they did not perceive any unusual thing in the premises.

But the forces of law and order have were alerted.

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