By Basil Afoni

The Professional Football League, PFLC  disciplinary  committee met on Monday, April 31 and penalised Douala Athletic Club(DAC) and Coton Sport by deducting them three points as a result of the match they boycotted on February 22 in Douala on the 5th day of play.

 The decision taken is backed by the Commission texts and those of  FECAFOOT, including its disciplinary code.

“Both teams have been declared pass in the conditions of Article 132 of the General Regulations of the FECAFOOT are under Article 90 of section 1 of Article Disciplinary Code, punishable by a fine whose amount is laid down in Regulation financial (…).

Both teams also lose not only the game in the package, but also each of them three points overall, in accordance with Article 90 subsection 2 of the disciplinary code FECAFOOT “states the decision.

 The consequences of the deduction of three points from both clubs meant that Coton Sport now has 6 points and ranked 18th, while DAC total 4 points and closes the 19th on the classification table.

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