By Basil Afoni

The two southwest representatives at the Professional League II were humiliated by their counterparts west of the Mungo last week end.

Playing away to Lion Blesse, Tiko United were humiliated by their host 5-1, making it the worst result suffered by the Tiko side since the commencement of the league.

Also, the worst scenario was that of Dynamic FC of Buea who were thrashed by visiting side Dragon FC of Yaoundé 1-4. Dynamic open scored at the 30th minute of the game, but, failed to close their back doors as they allowed Dragon to equalise from a corner kick spot a few minutes before the half time. Play will resume with Dragon making some few changes to utilise the wingers and in the space of 15 minutes, three goalsere scored to give Dragon the victory at the detriment of the home side.

Dynamic Supporters Go Wild

At the end of the match, Dynamic supporters that turn out to support their club could not accept the easy victory given to Dragon and as such, confronted the technical bench of Dynamic. Sensing trouble, coaches took to their heels. This led to an emergency meeting convened by the supporters in order to find out the team’s problem. talked to some players who complained that they have not been signed and as a result of this, it is difficult for them to play without motivation.

Meanwhile, some supporters we talked to were of the opinion that Dynamic does not have a head coach as both coaches are all presented as head coaches. This situation, they said, makes it difficult as players’ loyalty is been divided.

If things are not put into place, then Dynamic is bound for relegation.

Also, it was a sad day too for Northwest representatives, National Polytechnic and Ngoketounja FC of Ndop who were all beaten over the weekend.


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