Kila Jisi

The 2010 World Cup was a nightmare for Cameroon as the indomitable Lions were prematurely booted out without a point as a result of internal squabbles.

Invited to BeinSport Lions Striker, Samuel Eto’o Fils, one of the main actors of the failed 2010 expedition maintained that the players and authorities did not understand their mission coupled with the fact that the then coach, Paul Marie Le Guen failed to change things.

“Players show a poor performance and authorities exploited the situation to manipulate for some to play or not. The team was in two camps but, I believe I and my young mates learnt our lessons”.

Eto’o frowned at the management of football in Cameroon with the people at certain positions concerned only about lining their pockets.

Cameroon has got talents and one of the best teams in Africa he says, but castigates the plethora of low quality coaches that have recently been in charge of the national team.

Cameroon has changed 21 coaches in 22 years but Eto’o thinks anybody coaching the Indomitable Lions should have a baggage of prestige and experience.

The key to a better performance in Brazil has to pass through better organisation he says.

Reminiscing the qualification match against Tunisia, he expressed the joy of seeing his mates perform marvelously,a situation which transformed him to play different roles as player, pastor, DJ and coach.

“I wish the best for my country and that competent persons are placed where they can give their best, if not, those who control world football would continue to treat us without respect” he said.

He also talked about his relationship with his coach Jose Mourinho, the future, racism, and his former clubs.

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