Kila Jisi

The President of the Normalisation Committee of the Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot, Prof. Joseph Owona has convened a meeting of the Committee today.

Coming on the heels of the prolongation of the committee’s mandate, members would evaluate their eight-month tenure at Fecafoot and project into the next eight months.

Also, the crisis in the Littoral League would be in the agenda. The regional championship has not yet kicked-off because some clubs were suspended.

A decision form the Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee, CNOSC called for the reinstatement of the suspended clubs.

But, Joseph Owona rejected the decision saying it is not in line with the principles of the Fecafoot and Fifa.

However, there is still hope for a favourable outcome and the mending of fences between the Vice-President of the Committee, Ngassa Happi and Owona who have been at daggers drawn lately.

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