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Fifa executive committee, meeting today, has extended the mandate of the Normalisation Committee at the Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot by eight months.

“The mandate of the normalisation committee of the Cameroon Football Association (FECAFOOT) was extended until 30 November 2014″, a Fifa press release reads.

This would enable the transitional committee to lead the Indomitable lions to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Primo Corvaro head of membership department last week promised Cameroonians to expect the extension of the Normalisation Committee mandate.

Fifa on July 22, 2013 installed the Normalisation Committee with the mission to revise the statutes, conduct elections and manage the daily affairs of the Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot.

Primo Corvaro and Prosper Abega were in Cameroon two weeks to the expiration of the mandate of the Normalisation Committee to examine the statutes of Fecafoot from March 14-15.

“Though I am not here to announce the extension of the Normalisation Committee, you can expect that it would happen, to comply with the Fifa deadline of March 31st won’t be possible, in 16 days, this is not possible so we are considering the extension of the mandate of the Normalisation Committee, Corvalho said.

It is not the question of bad faith from one side or the other, but due to circumstances.
Corvaro said Fifa underestimated the work to be done and would likely give more time for the committee to complete their work.

“The depth of the change is really big, we didn’t know at the beginning that we needed so much time to do so much”.
He explained that there had to be consequences on the decision of the committee on the content of the statutes and creating an ethics committee because there was a need to work on the composition, the prerogatives and the competence of the ethics committee which entails more regulation and documents.

Appreciating the status he said, “I can say the statutes that would be put forward to the delegates which cover almost everything are of the highest quality and even the best quality that you can fine in member associations”.

The new statutes would uphold the separation of powers in line with fundamental principles and have mechanism of conflict resolution satisfactory to the football family.

One of the changes would be on the general assembly and executive committee, whose delegates are reduced and members of the judicial organ increased.

However, the major change at the level of the general assembly is to achieve equilibrium, to promote equality between actors- elite football, amateur football in regional leagues and interest groups such as youth and female football.

The phase of adoption of status is set for next week and after this, elections would be organised in relation to the statutes with an electoral commission and members of judicial organ would be elected and not appointed by the executive committee.

Elections would not be organised immediately, taking into account that Cameroon is taking part in the World Cup, Corvaro said.

To him, the case of Cameroon was not typical and there are similar cases where the time of the Normalisation Committee had to be extended like in Gabon.

Corvaro argued that when Fifa takes a decision to set up a normalisation committee it is not to give two years or long time otherwise people would get lazy, put a deadline not too far and to see if the goal can reached and take a decision if the deadline expires.

The Fifa representative refused to criticise the Committee saying they were aware of what was happening, worked in collaboration and there was no feeling of exasperation against the committee. We are satisfied, he said.

Joseph Owona President of the Normalisation Committee expressed satisfaction with the members whom he described as professionals.

He said the committee with the knowledge of the reality of Cameroon football did its work and would continue to make good statutes to organise elections that meet Fifa standards.

“It was not a question of changing only article 4 and not copy and paste the statutes of Fifa, but put a Cameroonian touch.

Elections would start from the districts to the national level adding that the era of using authorizations and transportation of elections is over.

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