By Basil Afoni

The Chelsea striker has offer his former teammates of Russian club Anzhi Makhakhala, who are currently facing relegation a circa FCFA 131million as incentive to boost them to avoid relegation.

The club that once made the Cameroonian the highest salary earned player are a shadow of their former selves, and the forward appears to feel quite terrible about it.

With 20 games already played in the Russian Premier League, Anzhi sit calamitously in last position, with a measly 11 points – and just one win.

Anzhi are just five points away from an automatic relegation spot, with two going down for certain, and the two teams finishing above playing a play-off to decide their fate.

According to reports by Russian newspaper Izvestia ,   the striker has promised to pay €200,000 if the club remain in the top division.

“The Cameroonian striker said he was willing himself to allocate €200 thousand for the whole team as a bonus for the players to perform the main task of the season – to maintain status in the Premier League.

“To date, the main squad of Anzhi includes 28 football players. Thus, each player of Dagestan club, if the goal is reached, will cost the star striker around €7,000. Eto’o’s money will have to be distributed evenly among all team players.”

To Eto’o the amount is small fry; it is less than what he used to make at Anzhi in a single week. An incentive of €7,000 each is unlikely to tempt an individual player to go the extra mile – not when they are big earners already.

However, the gesture tells the team that their former skipper still cares, and they are not in the middle of a doomed season. Anzhi can still turn the table round as their fate is in their hands with ten more games to go.  

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