Kila Jisi

A Fifa mission to Cameroon has been announced for March 14-15 to examine the proposed statutes of the Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot.

Following post-election crisis Fifa put in place the Normalisation Committee on July 22 to revise the statutes of the federation, conduct elections besides the daily management of the federation by March 31.

Given the time it has taken for the Committee to revise the statutes, it is obvious that elections would not hold before the end of the month.

Speculations are therefore rife that Fifa is coming to prolong the mandate of the Normalisation Committee so far perceived as interested in the World Cup more than solving the problems of football.

“I don’t intend to remain at Fecafoot; this is not what is important for me. What counts is that the day my mandate ends, we would have helped Fecafoot to progress, to be different from what obtained in the past.

“Our problem is not for the mandate to be prolonged, our objective is to do the essentials, ensure that people capable of managing the federation are elected and for them to uphold its integrity,” Joseph Owona, President of the Normalisation Committee said.

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