Kila Jisi

Aurelien Chedjou, Cameroon defender of Galatassaray has expressed regret for the error committed and which led to the 5-1 defeat against Portugal.

In a lackadaisical manner, Chedjou made a pass that was incidentally intercepted by the attackers of Portugal to the second goal for their side.

At that moment the Lions who had survived the first half with a 1-1 draw were disoriented and lost concentration.

In an interview to an online sports and culture website Chedjou said, “it is true I am disappointed because I made an error that cost the team a lot, I will start preparing for the next match, but I will focus on my club game on Saturday”.

But, he says the error served as a lesson that lack of concentration attracts an immediate negative consequence.

However, many Cameroonians are of the opinion that Finke has a lot of work to do in the leaking left flank, the defence and attack.

Many are beginning to confirm their misgivings that the team would not be performant before the World Cup and would only go on a leisure trip to Brazil expected to be booted out in the first round.

Notwithstanding those who still have little faith in the team hope to see some changes in May when the Lions play Macedonia and Paraguay.

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