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93′ The ref blows his whistle. Cameroon beaten 5-1

92′ Last effort by Eto’o leads to a nice save by the keeper.

91′ Two minutes added on.

89′ Cameroon’s slow attack has been predicted and dismantled by Portugal all game.

87′ The current king of soccer goes out under his home crowd’s ovation.

85′ The score line is not a good representation of what the game has been but Portugal has taken all the changes and put them in the back of the net after some serious lack of concentration by the Cameroonian team.

84′ Choupo out Mo Idrissou in.

83′ Another goal from Portugal from the world best player of the year Ronaldo from close range after some ping pong and ball watching by the Cameroonian players.

82′ Time is running out for Cameroon. It is slowly becoming a tall order.

80′ It is now a midfield battle. The crowd is happy for the home team.

76′ And Portugal is having a field day with another goal after some speed and nice foot work from the world player of the year Ronaldo who shots but a clumsy punch by Assembe give another player the empty net to score.

73′ Nice play by Eto’o upfront which leads to nothing in particular.

70′ Matip in for Makoun and Noukou for Chedjou

68′ Matip and Noukou getting reading to come in for Chedjou and

66′ Another goal by Portugal. Good movement on the right side of the Cameroonian defense by Portugal leads to another goal. Two goals in a space of 1 minute for Portugal.

65′ What a mistake by Chedjou! A gift to Portugal leads to their second goal. Angola coming back again to hunt him.

64′ Some nice collective work from Cameroon on the right side of the attack leads to nothing. The game is balanced.

63′ Eto’o has now moved to the center of the attack.

62′ Decent effort from Choupo after some nice foot work. Abou goes out for Bedimo.

58′ Cameroon seems to have contained the storm.

55′ Dangerous play by the Cameroonian defense line. Assembe saved two clear goal chances . Pressure mount.

54′ Ronaldo shoots close to the goal . Portugal is putting some pressure on Cameroon

53′ Poor challenge from Ekotto leads to a dangerous free kick.

52′ Close call for Cameroon after Ronaldo strikes the ball into a defender for a corner. A solid start of the second half from Portugal.

50′ Kana puts the ball into corner after a nice play one two from Portugal trying to link up with Ronaldo.

49′ Nice play and defending by Eyong E in the middle of the park

47′ Well balanced game by both teams. Cameroon escaped from a penalty after Nyoum brought Ronaldo down in the box

Aboubakar Vincent answered Christiano Ronaldo’s goal to make it one all.


At half time Cameroon has made the following changes.

Itanji out Assembe in.

Nkoulou out Kana in.

4 Responses to “Portugal 5-Cameroon 1, Final Result.”

  1. Pride says:

    The score-line is a far representation of the actual battle. Cameroon played far better than expected and deserved to share the spoils from this game.

    Allan Nyom was Cameroon’s best player. Enoh won almost all duels and appeared very composed. His playing time at Antalya has helped him quite a lot.

    I am very optimistic after watching today’s game. We should be able to beat Mexico on game 1.

  2. Pabblos says:

    Chedjou and Nkoulou should never be played again together; that combination is a recipe for disaster. midfield was non-existent and the defence was simply atrocious. Alan Nyom redeemed himself, Aboubakar proved why he is the best player in Cameroon today. Eyong Enoh was the only presence in the midfield. Song should go to the bench and fight for his place , the rest of the team were average except for Enoh, Nyom and Aboubakar. This is a wake up call and i hope the coach will go back to the drawing board.

  3. SoupleMan says:

    The Coach has no guts. He does not want to bench Song and Makoun. Those players should not make the team thier inheritance. Were was Bong and Bedimo on the left? They need a good combination on the right with someone who can cross and return to defend. Too bad the coach is playing too safe in his lineup

  4. Pride says:

    S. Man!

    I agree with you that Makoun must not start. He is too small in size and lacks the necessary skill sets to keep the ball for that long. he always try to beat a man all the time. Alex Song must be improve to be a starter.

    Finke should Ekotto to left midfield if he must play him. He goes forward and would lose track of his man and his wing/position.

    Central Defensive partnership too is an issue. Chedjou appears to give the ball away too cheaply and I would blame him directly for the 3rd goal as well.

    The positives are Eto’o played his rightful role and our attack line was good. Abou would be a true revelation in Brazil and liked Choupo. Choupo is skillful.

    I think this team will beat Mexico. We played well and moved the ball around fluidly during the first half. The changes in the second half screwed us over.

    There is need to call in Bassong and Joseph Boum of Antalyaspor (Turkey) and try them out as well.

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