Kila Jisi

League I matches played all over the country saw the two clubs from the other side of the Mungo halted in the quest for the league title.

Playing at home Njalla Quan failed to impress fans as the team succumbed to Tonnerre Kalara club, 2-1.

Their sisters from up country away in Loum were defeated 1-0 by UMS. It should also be noted that Canon of after their first win last week lost 2-1 at home to Unisport of Bafang.

Interesting to note that 1-1 tie duel between Bamboutous of Mbouda and Union Sportive of Douala at the Reunification Stadium drew a crowd and for the first time in years the gate takings totalled about 7.5million.

Unisport of Bafang continue to lead the League I table after day 5 with 13 points followed by Panthere of Bagante with 12 points and Cotonsport of Garoua in the third place with eight (8) points.

Presently Canon of Yaounde are in the red zone with only three points.

Day 5 Results

Fovu of Baham 0-0 Renaissance of Ngoumou
Njalla Quan 1-2 Tonnerre of Yaoundé
Union sportive 0-0 Bamboutos of Mbouda
Apejes of Mfou 1-0 Astres of Douala
Canon 0-1 Unisport of Haut-Nkam
UMS of Loum 1-0 Yong Sport of Bamenda
Panthère 1-0 New Stars of Douala
Sable of Batié 1-1 Cosmos of Bafia
DAC – Coton sport of Garoua all absent

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