Kila Jisi

Cameroon yesterday grabbed one of the three tickets for African countries for the world Volley-ball Cup billed for Poland this year.

Cameroon qualified with six points ahead of Algeria on the same point count though with a difference in the set.

Algeria lost a set to Nigeria which was advantageous to Cameroon and the players of Peter Nonebrouch picked their last three points from the Gabon 3-0 defeat.

But, qualification was not that easy for Cameroon. After winning their first match against Nigeria 3-1, the Lions succumbed to Rwanda and only had to bounce back against Gabon.

Appreciating the Lions qualification, the Ministers of Sports and Physical Education, Adoum Garoua hailed the players for bringing pride to the country by qualifying for the World Volley-ball Cup.

Adoum redeemed his pledge of FCFA 50million to the players as promised ahead of the competition.He promised that his Ministry would do its best to see that the team prepares well for the World Cup.

Given that the team hard a poor preparation ahead of the qualifiers, the Coach, Peter Nonebrouch maintained that proper preparation is the key to making a good representation.

But, he said winning the game and qualifying is the correct thing they have done. He expressed the hope that government would give them the opportunity to prepare for the World Cup and represent Cameroon in an honourable way.

“I hope they give us enough possibility during the summer so that we can have a great team in Poland”. His objective is to go to reach the second round and this can only be achieved through proper preparation. “We need to have at least 100 days of preparation and if it is less, things may be difficult”.

Satisfied with the competition, the captain, Ndaki Mboule said the tournament is an indication that volley-ball is evolving in Africa.

“I am satisfied with the African level, that volleyball is not only in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Cameroon, but, we now have to count Rwanda and Nigeria, I am proud of how volley-ball is evolving in Africa”.

The most challenging match for the players was Algeria as the Lions had lost an earlier match and had to win at all cost by 3-0.

For Ndaki, it was difficult physically and emotionally. But we won the game and came back on the track again.
He wished for the team to have a tough preparation because their opponents have played the World Championship about 10 to 12 times.

“We are in the Brazil pool and they have won the world championship many times and we need to be ready and the team needs lots of preparatory matches”.

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