by Collins Okinyo,

Former Cameroon striker Francois Omam Biyik has cast aspersions on the Indomitable Lions going past the first round of the 2014 World Cup to be hosted by Brazil.

Biyik alluded to the fact that even though Cameroon had star players, it will be a hard ask to go through since they will be facing formidable opponents like Brazil, Mexico and Serbia.

“In my own opinion Cameroon cannot go past the first round because even though they have quality players the team does not play as a unit as everybody believes he is a star player in his own right. It will be tough winning against Brazil at home and the likes of Serbia and Mexico.”

“The current players though good are not aggressive and most of the time they don’t give 100 percent for the country the way they do for their club that is why it will be very difficult to go through to the second round. The players’ mentality is not must be changed as most of them do not understand the importance of playing their hearts out for the country as most of the time they compete among themselves who is richer than the other.”

On If Samuel Eto’o is a good leader for the Indomitable Lions, Omam Biyik was forthright, “Samuel Eto is a good player but I don’t think he is a good leader. A leader is defined by his acts on and off the pitch while Eto is only a good leader when he scores but when he doesn’t it is all different and I don’t think he is the right man to be the captain,” Oman Biyik told

Biyik also had a bone to pick with the way former footballers are treated by the government and federation.

“The government and the federation are not committed at all that is why they don’t value us former internationals. I have actually told my family that I would not like to be celebrated when I die because they only talk about you when you are dead but when you are alive no one cares where you are at all.”

“The main problem that is also afflicting the Cameroon team is that some players are affiliated to particular government officials and some to the federation making it even more difficult for the former veterans who are themselves not united to get an opportunity advice the team since they have been at the World cup in several occasions,” Biyik added.

Oman Biyik is the current coach of Gabonese side US Bitam whom he joined six months ago from Togolese side Gomido where he had moved to after leaving his assistant coach position with the national team.

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