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Laurence Fotso is now the new communication and marketing officer of the Cameroon Football Federation.

She officially assumed duty on February 4, replacing Junior Biyam, presently CAF Media Director.

With the departure of Biyam, many had taken for granted that the post would naturally be taken over by Jean Jacques Mouandjo who has been his assistant.

But, Fotso has been recruited to assume the role, coming from France and not a known figure in the Cameroon Media landscape.

The appointment is timely as preps for the 2014 World Cup hit high gear. But, experts have said the Normalisation Committee is not supposed to recruit staff.

The role is the preserved of the new president of the Federation after elections would have been conducted for him to recruit a team to work with.

Fotso, the much that is known about her is that she studied in France after her secondary education at Lycee Fustel Coulanges in Yaoundé in 1998.

She is said to have been part of the organising committee of the 2010 World Cup and managed marketing and public relations during Patrick Mboma’s Jubilee.

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  1. Oscar says:

    This is the wrong picture and your information is erroneous.

  2. Kila says:

    Instead of saying the information is wrong, write the correct information you have and provide the picture.

  3. Oscar says:

    Well, I’m not hired by this website to correct blatant amateur mistakes. As a journalist – assuming you like to call yourself so -, you should be expected to do slightly more than a quick Google search, and worse, just believing whatever you see on the web.
    Check your sources. (Hint: a mere Google search is not a source)

  4. Oscar says:

    Good job censoring posts as you please, but you remain an idiot. Idiot.

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      Mr. Oscar,

      If you remain civil, you will be allowed to post here but if you do not remain civil you will be banned.

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