by Jon Rogers

Chelsea striker Samuel Eto’o has said he has nothing to prove anymore.

The 32-year-old, who has played for the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Inter Milan, told French newspaper Le Monde: “I have nothing to prove. I’m Samuel Eto’o. And I do not think I have to prove anything to anyone […] I do not belong to the group of players considered good, but the group of great players.”

Eto’o added that manager Jose Mourinho had been a big influence in his decision to move to the Premier League side, saying he accounted for “80%” of his decision, having had a good experience of working with the Portuguese boss at Inter.

“We had a fantastic team. That season [2009-2010] we practically won everything (League, Italian Cup, Champions League). I like someone frank. I like people who can tell me things to my face and we can discuss. I have not always known that in my life. That’s why I’ve always had this respect for him.”

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