Kila Jisi

Jean Paul Akono, former Cameroon coach, presently hospitalized at the Yaounde General Hospital would be flown abroad for treatment in the days ahead.

His relation says he is getting better despite reports that he was in a coma, but he is not receiving visitors.
On the door of his ward is written, “Pas de visite”.

His relation got worried when lions4life visited, “who indicated the ward, why are you here and he is not receiving visitors”, he said.

The former player is at the medical ward 216, Pavilion B of the Yaounde General Hospital.

The 2000 Sidney Olympic Champion, Akono suffered a cardiac attack last year and was later replaced as national team coach by Volker Finke on May 22.

Thanks to Samuel Eto’o Fils and the Minster of Defense, Edgar Allain Mebe Ngo’o, he was evacuated to France for treatment.

His health later degenerated when he returned from France, resulting from a hunger strike for his unpaid dues.
Akono was sacked with unpaid dues for the eight months coaching job at the helm of the indomitable lions.

He was hospitalized at the military hospital and since then had not completely regained his health.
‘Magnuson’s ( as Akono is fondly called) health degenerated three days ago and there were reports that he was in a coma.

Pre-occupied, the presidency ordered that the totality of his dues be paid prior his evacuation to Europe.
Relations confirm that the totality of his FCFA 80million has been paid into his account, representing his dues for eight months, FCFA 10million per month.

Akono Technical Director No. 2 at the Fecafoot Technical Centre a post he may be flown abroad for proper treatment.

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