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Dynamic FC of Buea has qualified for League Two (the new appellation of the local championship) after thrashing Abong Mbang FC 3-1. The teams played a supporting match at the Amadou Ahidjo Stadium Annex No 1.yesterday.
Dynamic FC Buea BlueVs Abong Mbang FC Red

Mofema Natagne, scored the first goal, Victor Eloumbat the second and Kelvin Kang Achi the third in the second half.

Dynamic FC showed a better ball possession, control and better finishing with Franklin Atem distributing balls to the attackers and contributed enormously to the win.

Talking to, Dynamic FC Coach, Moses Mbaboh maintained that playing Abong Mbang FC for the second time after the national interpools was not difficult.

Moses Mbaboh, Dynamic FC Coach

“Though we won, I am going to reinforce the attacking machinery, the defence lapses were only due to the absence of the central defenders who are sick”, Mbahoh said

Joe Tenda, President of Dynamic FC said the match was like a second finals with Abong Mbang FC.

“We waited long to confirm our superiority. Now that we are in the League Two we are going to do everything to stay. It has been a long walk, for ten years we have been struggling to qualify for League Two and today it has happened”, said Dynamic President.
Dynamic FC President

He said the club is already recruiting players around the division and region to join the few from outside to reinforce the team.

Dynamic FC and Abong Mbang FC finished the national interpools with one point each and had to play the supporting match to determine the winner to join other clubs of League Two.

Belinga Mbida, President of Abong Mbang FC was disappointed at the performance of his club. To him, the players do not understand that they have to work hard, despite the motivation promised, they are not serious. “If the players work hard we are going to qualify for League Two.”

Following the defeat, Abong Mbang FC would play a special tournament of four teams to determine which two complete the clubs to 18.

Abong Mbang joins Colomb of Sangmelima, Kohi of Maroua and Water Polo of Meiganga to play the special tournament on Wednesday. At the end of the tournament, two teams would complete the 18 clubs in League Two.

The first teams to qualify were AS Etoa Meki, Panthere Security and Lion Blesse of Foutouni finishing first in their pools. The second set to qualify was Dynamo of Douala and Ngoketunjia FC.

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