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Cameroonian supporters’ groups have until January 29 to purchase their World Cup tickets through an online subscription.

This is part of the modalities for the acquisition of World Cup tickets as unveiled by Sylvestre Gwet Matip, in charge of tickets at the Cameroon Football Federation.

On the other hand, tickets which are acquired through an online subscription on Fifa website for individual supporters and members of the football community end on February 7.

Once the subscription is validated and accepted the supporters groups have until February 28 to pay through bank transfer given the volume of the request.

For individual supporters, they have to pay using an electronic card but the printing of personalized tickets would only start on March 15.

Individual supporters would receive their tickets at the indicated address while groups would be given electronic cards to retrieve their tickets from specialized distributors in Brazil.

Price of Tickets
The tickets cost from FCFA 45,000 to 550,000 depending on the match and the category of the ticket requested. The cost also progresses from the group stages to the finals and also the seat in the stadium which takes into account visual comfort of the spectator.

The Cameroonian public are entitled to two categories of tickets; one is statutory destined to the Cameroonian football community and the other potential, reserved for individual supporters and organized groups.

Groups are entitled to 70 percent and individuals 30 percent of the 8035 potential tickets for Cameroon shared as follows: 1975 for the first round, 1993 for the second and 4067 for the third in different categories.

The tickets are only sold to Cameroonians on verification of their nationality and are not open to any lottery. Economic operators, tour operators, charter organizers are not entitles to tickets to the stadium.

However, Gwet Matip said the federation can accompany this category by posting their products on Fifa website in a reserved space. He explained that this is linked to security and the need to avoid speculation.

Role of ticket officer
In the process of ticket acquisition Gwet Matip said his role is to elaborate, constitute and administer an online platform for Supporters’ groups.

He would have to confirm the information provided by the supporter or individual requesting for a ticket, and serve as a moral guarantee for those going to Brazil before Fifa issues a ticket.

As such, he safeguards all the data of the persons requesting tickets and in case of any security problem would have to provide the identity of the person.

Fifa only has to give a small percentage of the money from the ticket sales to the federations and the federations are not part of the ticket sales.

Against this background, Joseph Owona, Fecafoot Transition President said Cameroon is at the origin of the tight security around the ticket sales.
Joseph Owona, Gwet Matip

It should be recalled that during the 1986 World Cup, Cameroon sold tickets destined to their supporters to other countries and thus landed former Fecafoot President, Vincent Onana in jail.

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