Kila Jisi

It is no longer rumour! Pierre Wome Nlend has signed a two–year contract for Union des Mouvement Sportive of Loum, UMS.

He played a friendly today with his new club against Union Sportifs of Doula scoring the second goal through a penalty for his club to take a 2-1 lead.

The former Cameroon international who played in four different championships in Europe thus quits Canon of Yaoundé where he played as a youth before moving to aboard.

The 35 year-old leaves behind him the numerous quarrels in the mythic club of Yaoundé, torn apart by selfish interests.

Double African Champion, Wome came back home to Canon, the club he cherished so much in 2012 to give back, but leaves disappointed with the management.

Captain Wome was the highest goal scorer of Canon and the best player of the 2013 football season. He would play for the next two seasons with UMS of Loum, one of the new clubs promoted to League I this season.

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