Kila Jisi

As part of preps for the World Cup, the Normalisation Committee has negotiated free facilities for the Cameroonian delegation during the World Cup in Brazil in June.

Against this backdrop, the Cameroonian delegation would be lodged, fed, transported and offered a cultural site locally for free in the State of Espirito Santo, their base.

This is the fruit of collaboration between the State of Espirito Santo, represented by the Governor Jose Renato Casagrande, Espirito Santo Football Federation President, Marcus Vicente and the Cameroon Football Federation represented by Thombi A Rokmo Sidiki.

The trio met on January 14 during which an engagement letter was signed to aid the Cameroonian delegation during the world Cup.

Going by the accord 120 persons, would be lodged, fed and transported locally. Also, the delegation would be provided a guided tours to some touristic sites.

Cheap flights between the towns of Natal, Manaus and Brasilia for would be negotiated for the Cameroonian Delegation.

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  1. Yes Yes says:

    Shut up man…

  2. Fon Rene Marquez says:

    hey there i don’t think lavishing the delegation with such facilities will help concentrate the teams to focus and bring good results, rather they should focus on how to bring back old glories than going to Brazil and make us shame rather proud

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