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Cameroon last week-end joined some Commonwealth nations to celebrate the Queen’s Baton Relay, QBR.

The QBR was in Cameroon on January 8 and presented to the public at the Yaoundé city council on January 9.

On the occasion, Adam Best, head of delegation of the QBR, underscored the importance of the Baton.
“The Baton brings all the Commonwealth countries together, it travels to every nation, taking the Queen’s message around the world, inviting not only the nations but the people to come to Glasgow and be part of the games”, he said.

The message would only be unveiled during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

Going by Best, the visit to Africa is marked by the different types of music, dancing and singing, the colour, the movement of the people and the smiles everywhere the Baton goes.

He said people strive more and more to be the best they can in a great competition like the Commonwealth Games.

To Best, Cameroon has a tradition of winning medals, nine medals in Manchester, so, he expressed the hope that Cameroonian Athletes would win more medals this time.IMG_1313

Welcoming the QBR, Brian Olley, British High Commissioner to Cameroon, said the Baton and the Queen’s message are a symbol of unity amongst the Commonwealth Family of nations.

“The tradition of the QBR brings together athletes from the past, with athletes around the world now in training and looking forward to competition in Glasgow, with inspiring athletes, those who are perhaps still at school- so connecting the youth, our future with the past and the present”.

With so much conflict around the world, he said sport is a magnificent medium to remind people that the important things in life are the simplest: family, health education and shared values.

Olley underlined the links between Cameroon, the United Kingdom and all the Commonwealth nations particularly, Nigeria, South Africa and Canada with high Commissions in Yaoundé. IMG_1318

Adoum Garoua, Minister of Sports and Physical Education, representing the Prime Minister said Cameroon was honoured to be among the relay countries, portraying the importance of the country’s sporting movement in the Commonwealth.

“By receiving the Baton, Cameroon shares the values of fair play, solidarity, peace and sharing”, Adoum said.

Colonel Kalkaba Malboum, the President of the Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee, CNOSC, said the QBR is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s reminder to the Commonwealth Family of her commitment to her role as Head of the Commonwealth.

“The Queen’s Baton Relay is a unique tradition of the Commonwealth Games that unites all the citizens of the Commonwealth in a celebration of sport, diversity and peace”.

He exhorted the delegation to convey to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the commitment, at the level of the CNOSC, to do everything possible and necessary for the promotion of the ideals embedded in the Queen’s Baton Relay and in the Commonwealth as a whole.

Gilbert Tsimi Evouna, Government Delegate to the Yaoundé City Council welcoming the QBR, expressed the hope that the memorable visit will enable Cameroon to continue consolidating membership in the great Club of Gentlemen.

Launched at Buckingham Palace, on 9 October 2013, Cameroon received the QBR for the second time after December 2009.

The QBR would go round 70 nations in 228 days covering a distance of 190,000km and involving a third of the world’s population.

The Baton came to Cameroon from Abuja in Nigeria on its way to Kenya and would be in South Africa on February 10 and received in Glasgow, Scotland on July 23, to kick-start the Commonwealth Games.

Traditional dances from different parts of Cameroon spiced the ceremony to mark the passage of the QBR in Cameroon.

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