Kila Jisi

Pa Francis Yong is dead has just confirmed from Yong Jacques Achia, son of the deceased and Administrative Secretary of Yong Sport Academy.

He died this morning in Atlanta in the US where we was undergoing treatment, though we are not yet aware of what he was suffering from.

He died without seeing the Cup of Cameroon which his club won for him last week.

Away in the US for the past three months, Pa Yong left the corpse of his mother who died in June to plan for a burial in November when the roads to his village would have been better.

But as fate would have it, he did not return as he wished to bury his mother, but died in the US. The whole northwest region is aggrieved as one of the illustrious sons is no more.

Besides being the proprietor of Yosa, he was also the founder of National Polythenic, a second division team and several schools in the region.

Pa Yong has an interesting route to wealth. The story goes that he started his business with three eggs given to him by his mother. From three to a tray of eggs, he progressed to buy a type writer which he used to train young Cameroonians.

His love for football to him into refereeing, a dream he held tight by creating football clubs.

He died at the age of 75 without fulfilling his dream is shaking President Biya’s hand. Death snatched him just at the time when his team lifted the cup of Cameroon, the first time at the 54th finals.

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