Kila Jisi

Heavy Security
The match Yosa- Canon in which Yosa snatched the trophy beating Canon of Yaounde 4-1 was played in front of Paul Biya and under tight security. There were three controls, two at the entrance of the stadium and one at the presidential tribune. Bags were search to make sure some persons did not carry weapons.
The presidential guard who sleep a day to the match in the stadium were posted at every corner of the stadium. Before President Biya arrived the guards with dogs sniffed the stadium for any harmful substances.

Soldier Fell In The Stadium
After the singing of the national anthem and President Biya reviewed the troops, a soldier fell in the stadium and it was not clear why he fel. We only saw a soldier lying on the ground and the health personnel ran to his rescue. But after a few minutes he was seen being taken off the field by the personnel of the fire brigade services.

Supporter’s Box Searched
A supporter who got a badge meant for the press sat close to journalists and was so agitated, sitting, standing moving to one corner and back. His agitation attracted the presidential guards, one who was on the touch line came up to this supporter. He asked him to open the yellow plastic bag he had. After the plastic bag, he was told to open the cartoon. This turned out to be his box and this is where he carried his clothes. Many watched in amusement as they could not image what was in the box before the incident.

Students Ferried To The stadium
Students from some schools in Yaounde were transported to cheer the players in the stadium and to fill the empty stadium. Some persons were given free tickets to entice them to the stadium. The Cup of Cameroon finals and local championship games have lost their steam. Fans and supporters have deserted the stadium.

Choreographic Display
The Cup of Cameroon Finals is an avenue to display Cameroon’s unity in diversity and this is always captured in the choreographic display. Organised by the Director of the National Institute of Youth and Sports, Daniel Ngwa Nguelle, this choreographic display is a cultural jamboree involving school children. The finals is an opportunity for other sporting clubs to also march and their presidents shake hands with President Biya.

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