Kila Jisi

Serenity now reigns after a strike action by the players of Yong Sport Academy, Yosa for unpaid fees.

The team did not savour their victory as winners of the Cup of Cameroon; instead they went on a strike demanding to be paid a sum of FCFA 1million per player.

After reviewing the sum to FCFA 300,000 per player, they stood their ground that the money had to be paid in Yaounde prior their departure to Bamenda.

They insinuated that Yosa administrators were not going to keep their word of paying as usual once in Bamenda. Yosa administrators brandished FCFA 2million which the players refused.

Contacted, Yosa Secretary General, Alphonse Difon Akwa said they had agreed to share the money 50 percent each between the club and the players.

“We have paid all their salaries and some players know they would not be coming to the club and that is why they are doing this” he added.

The problem was only solved when the team reached Bamenda on Tuesday and the players were paid FCFA 300, 000 each.

This, besides the special allowance of FCFA 1million from the Governor of the Northwest Adolphe Lele ‘Lafrique who mediated for peace in the club.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister, Philemon Yang received the team in his lakeside residence and encouraged them with a sum of FCFA 2.5 million.

The players later toured the toured to display the trophy to the population of the Northwest.

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