Kila Jisi

Following Yong Sport Academy’s 4-1 defeat over Canon, Nkesi Hosea Abongu, goalkeeper of Yosa emerged as man- of-the-match.

Out of the eight players nominated by the Man-of the Match Committee, Abongu totaled 21 points and was unanimously declared man of the match.

During the match he was outstanding in stopping penalty shots from Canon of Yaounde players after the 0-0 draw in the regular play time.

Abongu was handed his trophy today by the Director of Cameroon Telecommunications, CAMTEL, David Nkotto Emane.

As is the tradition, the trophy was accompanied by FCFA 1 million which was handed to the Cameroon Football Federation to give to the man of the match. On the occasion,CAMTEL Director said CAMTEL was in football to stay.


Before the present sponsor, the winners bagged home FCFA 10million while the runners up got, FCFA 5million, but nothing was said at the ceremony.

No symbolic cheque was given to the winner but the team t was old they would receive their money form the Federation.
Many attributed the organisational lapses to the fact that the new sponsor with MTN having withdrawn to CAMTEL’s lack of experience. The ceremony billed for 3:00 only started at about 4:30 pm.

The player of Yong Sport who arrived earlier had to look for different sleeping positions at the venue of the ceremony.

On the occasion, Abongu, Yosa goalkeeper who played the Nehru cup said he had been training to stop at least two penalties.

Abongu said to he had prepare his mind for penalty shoot-outs because, Yosa had no time to warm up coupled with problems in the attack line with forwards injured.

Venturing into football by chance, the former basketball player narrated how he got into football through the help of his classmates.

“I was a basketball player, one day my classmates said we should play football, they encouraged me and I told them I did not want to play football, they said I should just stand in front of the goal and stop the balls. This is how I started and developed a liking for goalkeeping. This was a good trap and today I am thankful to them”.

The 22 year old who started playing for Mount Cameroon in 2007-2008, to Union of Douala in 2009, AS Materlos in 2010 and finally to Yosa in 2012 has promised Cameroonians good games during the confederations cup. By Lifting the Cup of Cameroon, Yosa qualified to play the CAF Confederations Cup.

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