Kila Jisi

The professional championship for the year 2014 would move up to 18 clubs from 14 this year. This is the decision of the Normalisation Committee backing an earlier position of the Professional Football League.

It all started as a rumour that the upcoming season would have 18 clubs. The Association of Elite Club Presidents, ACEC, then endorsed the position during their meeting and made a proposition to the Professional Football League.

Pierre Semengue, President of the League Normalisation Committee and the league during a meeting endorsed the idea.

The proposition was forwarded to the Normalisation Committee for examination and was tabled to members during their meeting two days ago.

While most of the members supported the idea, one of the members was adamant that it is not legally right to increase the number of clubs.

There have allegations suggesting that the decision to move up to 18 clubs is linked with an attempt to save one club from descending into the second division.

Tonnere of Yaounde with its multiple problems linked to ownership tussle has been relegated to the second division.

Instead of the mythic club that produced players like Roger Milla and Sable of Batie descending to division two, two other clubs promoted from division two would join them in elite one. The same scenario is obtainable for the elite two clubs.

With the withdrawal of the main sponsor, the financial situation of the league may render the championship with 18 clubs even more difficult compared to the just ended season.

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