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Junior Binyam, Fecafoot Communication officer has refuted claims that the Normalisation Committee is demanding FCFA 29 million for salary per month and a car worth FCFA 68 million for president.

since the installation of the committee on July 21, the members have not meet and and could not have attributed the sums indicated.

He said the committee members do not need to forward their demands to the Ministry of Sports when the money is from Fecafoot coffers.

Whatever amount they decide as their salary, the President of the Normalisation Committee will approve and this would be implemented, Binyam said.

He also debunked allegations that mission allowances of the committee members have been raised form FCFA 130,000 to FCFA 500,000.

For those who have been out on mission, their allowances have been paid in line with the regulations, FCFA 130,000 per day depending too on whether the mission is in or out of the country, who is going on the mission.

He also said the President of the Normalisation Committee has not ordered for a car of FCFA 68 million as reported by the press.

Here are the allegations against the Normalisation committee according to press reports.

Fifa Normalisation Committee in charge of the daily running of the affairs of Fecafoot, revising the statutes of the federation and conducting elections is on the limelight with a negative image of wanting to squander the money of the federation.

Car Worth FCFA 68m For Joseph Owona?

A car worth FCFA 68million has been commanded and would be delivered on September 18 for the President of the Normalisation Committee, sources quote a document sent to the ministry of Sports.

In the same document, the president wants to be given FCFA 250,000 per week for his telephone and fuel while the vice president is asking for FCFA 100,000 and other FCFA 50,000.

FCFA 29Million Per Month For Committee?
Following the same document, the committee members are demanding to be paid FCFA 29million per month as salary.

The President of the Normalisation, Prof. Joseph Owona would be paid FCFA 4million, the vice president, FCFA 3million and FCFA 2million for the rest of the members.

As reported in one of the local papers, Le Jour, a member of the committee wondered why journalists puck their noses where they are not supposed to.

The same committee is in Gabon where members are paid FCFA 1.5m why should the case of Cameroon be different, the member quizzed?

In another development, mission allowances at the federation have been raised from FCFA 120,000 thousand to FCFA 500,000 per day.

Independent Anti-Corruption Committee Condemns Committees Exigencies

Meanwhile, the independent Anti-Corruption Committee under the leadership of Shanda Tonme has condemned the exigencies of the Normalisation Committee following press reports.

This committee has condemned squandering of money, describing such an act as unacceptable, shameful and insulting to the citizens.

The Committee has urged the population to protest by writing to the government to condemn such acts

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