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The newly recruited coach of US Bitam Francois Omam Biyik has said he did not chase his compatriot, Thomas Libih former coach from US Bitam.

The out-going US Bitam coach, Libih led the team to become the champions of Gabon and was the best coach of the Gabonese league. But the management of US Bitam terminated Thomas libih’s contract and many have been wondering why.
Thomas Libih

Though there are allegations of backbiting, Omam says, “I did not chase Libih for US Bitam”. Francois Oman Biyik, told lion4life during Emmanuel Kunde’s jubilee that he has nothing to do with Libih departure.

Oman just signed a two year contract with US Bitam and would be starting the season with this Gabonese team.
“I have not yet started work and I am taking advantage of my free time to see friends and attend Kunde’s jubilee”.

There are allegations that the Togolese club where Omam worked before going to Gabon says he is still their coach.

“Let them show me the contract binding me to the club”, Omam retorted when quizzed”. In US Bitam, Omam would be assisted by another Cameroonian Jean Baptiste Bisseck former coach from Canon of Yaounde.

Given the objective to take US Bitam to highest level in the Champions League, Oman says the club would recruit players from other African Countries; Cameroon, Tunisia and Nigeria to reach the target.

Omam understands that taking over a team that is champion of Gabon is already enough pressure for him. He is ready to live up to the challenge.

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