Kila Jisi

The President of the Cameroon Table Tennis Federation, Alfred Bagueka Assobo, has expressed satisfaction at the conduct of the 5th edition of the SONARA International Table Tennis Tournament.

The balance sheet of the tournament was positive, all the countries invited participated, except for Morocco that has some problems, he said.

“We witnessed an exciting encounter, you will agree with me that year after year the technical level of the competition is improving, I am also satisfied that Cameroon took the trophy in the female category, which is good for the youths”.

For the shortcomings of the competition, Bagueka said organization is an aspect that can always be improved upon with time.

“We need to increase the number of countries participating in the tournament by bringing in some ten more countries”.

He maintained that the sponsor of the competition has agreed to accompany the federation to organize the 6th edition.

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