Kila Jisi

The Cameroon football family is paying homage to the 1982 Coach who took the indomitable lions to their first World Cup, Jean Vincent.

The talented technician died on August 12 at the age of 82.

Jean Vincent is remembered for his generosity, a man with a good heart and who shared his allowances with the players.

He helped the late Louis Paul Mfede to integrate a club in France in fulfillment of the promise made because he could not select Mfede for the world Cup.

Nick-named Jean Vincent Millions, Michel Kaham says, “He was a technician who structured Cameroon football and who valourised African football”.

Public opinion attributes the defensive play style during the 1982 World Cup of the Lions to Jean Vincent.

But, there are arguments that without ample knowledge of the opponents, he had to be prudent.

Under the leadership of Jean Vincent, Cameroon in its first ever participation in the World Cup, drew with Peru, Poland and Italy.

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