Kila Jisi

Having organised Kunde’s jubilee, Mabouang Kessack maintained that it was very successful. “This is a very successful event”.

He stopped playing 23 years ago, and 35 matches were played on the occasion in Yaoundé. People came from different regions and were very happy with the finals of the veterans.

With the death of Louis Paul Mfede, we had to postpone Kunde‘s Jubilee, we could not feast with the dead of a colleague, Mabouang said.

Foreign invites did not come because of their charged programme after the jubilee was postponed.
If any player did not show up it is not because they have a problem with Kunde, he was one of the calm players Cameroon ever had, he argued.

Players of 1982, 1990 were there and we did not need to have a super star to organise the jubilee. Kunde is one of the players that had never had a problem with any of his teammates, he stated.

To have player in 127 matches scoring 25 goals without raising his temper, no provocation is rare. Mabouang maintained that he organised the jubilee because he has an outfit “Mabouang Consortium” in charge of events.

“I was the youngest and 47 today, i will organise my jubilee with time, but for now, there is Pagal and Tataw who are in the line to organise theirs.

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