Kila Jisi

The Association Elite Club Presidents, ACEC is contributing its quota to the revision of the statutes of the Cameroon Football Federation.

The President of the Statutes Revision Commission, Adolph Minkoa, She invited elite club presidents today for consultations at the Fecafoot office in Tsinga.

Accompanied by two members, ACEC president, Emile Onambele Zibi attended the consultation meeting with answers to a questionnaire that would enable the commission to come out with good statutes.

Here is a rough translation of the questionnaire
1. What appreciation do you make of
a) Fecafoot Statutes?
b) The special statutes of the regional, Divisional and Sub-divisional leagues?
c) The electoral code of Fecafoot?
2. Outgoing members of the regional and Divisional board, should they be members of the regional and Divisional general assembly?
3. Who in your opinion should be members of
a) Fecafoot?
b) Regional, Divisional and Sub-divisional leagues
c) The Cameroon Professional Football League
4. Specialised commissions (youth football, female football, old-timers football, futsal and beach soccer) should they be maintained in their present state or raised to specialised leagues?
5. Should the list system be maintained or should the uninominal systems be adopted for the election of the president and executive committee members of Fecafoot; the president and board members of the leagues?
6. What eligibility condition for the election of Fecafoot President do you proposed?

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