Kila Jisi

Following the day 19 match played at the Amadou Ahidjo Stadium, Tonnerre Kalara Club, TKC, thrashed Panthere of Bangante 4-0.

Ndomilep Moussima scored the three goals for ‘Nzui Manto’ at an early part of the match in the first half, 14th, 16th and 23th minutes of the encounter.

Ebene Ngodi sealed the scores at 4gaols in the last past of the encounter, a win that catapulted TKC to 21 points after a series of defeats.

TKC Caoch, Gerald Mbime, expressed satisfaction that his squad applied the directives given them during the training.

Though the club does not have outstanding players, Mbime has always told his players to be committed and energetic.
The club is not yet out of the relegation zone but, to Mbime, the future seems bright.

In another match, Canon of Yaoundé humiliated Rennaissance of Ngoumou, 3-1. Led by their captain, Pierre Wome Nlend the Mekok Megoda boys opened scores in the first minutes of the encounter taking advantage of a fault on their side by Renaissance.

Results of Day 19 Matches

Unisport – NQSA (1-0)
Tonnerre – Panthère (4-0)
Canon – Renaissance (3-1)
YOSA – New Stars (0-0)
DAC – Fovu (0-1)
Sable – Astres (2-1)
The match Union – Cotonsport would be played on August 13.

Achille – Matelots (0-2)
Dragon – Botafogo (0-0)
UMS – Feutcheu (0-2)
Aigle – APEJES (1-0)
Sahel – Cosmos (1-2)
Ngaoundéré – National (0-2)

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