After the game against the Democratic Republic of Congo, a player could not retain either his frustration or anger against himself or the coaching staff. Rigo had to physically use not only his muscles but also the intelligence of an old lion to calm things down. The spectacle was one out of the ordinary in the lion’s dressing room. You might have thought a mini tornado had gone through the dressing room.

The wind has calmed down and all the heads involved have moved on. Finke has drawn the red line of discipline has made his first list as the manager of the lions naming the “lucky or disciplined 28” lions for Paris.  The lions are looking forward to their reunion in Paris. They are going to start the preparations, looking at the best possible option to tame the elusive Libyan national team.

The selected players going to Paris will have a lot to celebrate. Most of them are currently with their new teams with brand new contract like Chedjou, Bedimo just to name a few. Others are returning from injuries that kept them out of the den for too long like Eric Choupou Moting, Samuel Eto’o. Some old faces that still have one or two tricks to show the young guys before they retire will be happy to be in Paris to provide the much needed experience to the team.

The brand new attraction in Paris will be Jean Marie Dongou. On lookers will keep a close eye on Jean Marie Dongou not only because he is new, but what his call up represents for the future for the lions. Is Finke’s list a good list?

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When looking at Finke’s list, fans and on lookers can only concluded that all the players who matter in Cameroonian soccer and are healthy have been called to camp. Bassong is still nursing an injury while there is the curious absence of Aboubakar Vincent who just signed a brand new contract with FC Lorient. Aboubakar is happy with his move and is looking forward to moving from being considered a raw diamond to a polished diamond. Time is no longer on his side and he surely needs to progress in his professional career which stalled at FC Valenciennes. Is Aboubakar Vincent paying the price of indiscipline during and after the game against the Democratic Republic of Congo from the time he was subbed? Has the coach seen enough of him and is moving forward to new talent?

Only Finke can provide answers to all the burning questions the journalist and fans have for him. Most people are unanimous about one fact. The lions have started to play very attractive football and can only get sexier with goals in the back of the opponent’s net with victories as icing on the of the attractive football playing style cake. Calling Jean Marie Dongou is the beginning of new things to come for the lions.

All the close followers of FC Barcelona pre-season are not sure who Jean Marie Dongo plays like. He has the built of Didier Drogba but most importantly the speed technique and killer instincts of his mentor Samuel Eto’o fils. He has very good positioning and made things very difficult for Finke not to call him by scoring goals during his club’s pre-season games.

The future looks bright for the indomitable lions of Cameroon and Jean Marie Dongo is shaping up to be one of the flag bearers. Is Dongou going to hoist his flag for Cameroon or will he pass on the call and look forward to greener pastures where organization and professionalism is not a bonus but a minimum.

Dongou is a fast, strong, quality goalscorer who joined FC Barcelona four years ago and has racked up spectacular goal tallies at every level. The is particular dangerous with his back to the goal. Despite his age, he debuted for Barça B aged just 17 years, and scored two goals in Division Two.

If and when Jean Marie Dongou shows up, Lions4life is saying welcome to the new cub in the den.



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