Kila Jisi


Fecafoot Presidential candidate, Marlene Emvoutou  arrested since July 15 and held at the judicial police has been transferred to Kondengui Central Prison.

She has been detained for aggravated extortion.  She has gone to join Iya Mohammed former Fecafoot President detained for embezzlement at Kondengui.

She was arraigned before the High Court twice and heard prior her transfer to prison.           learnt that Benoit Assam bailed Emvoutou for her to take part in the elections and come back and regularise her situation in an affair of 50million.But she never went back to pay Assam, Paul Biya’s nephew. When he got win that she was leaving town he got a warrant of arrest and the police sent to arrest her meet Emvoutou at the entrance of her house at Nkol-Eton.

Eye witnesses narrate a scene at the Nkol-Eton neighbourhood as police stopped her with a warrant of arrest.

Emvoutou was stoic and refuse to bulge for about three hours and could only agree for her driver to follow the police when she discovered the police were negotiating to tow her car away. She was later transferred from the Police District No.1 to the Judicial Police for investigation.

But, this is only the only case against Emvoutou who was apprehended on June 19 at Fecafoot where she was candidate at the elections.

The case of some boys from Gabon who came in search of Emvoutou and spoke to the press is also one of Emvoutou’s many escapades.

The story goes that through internet transactions, Emvoutou took FCFA 13 million in money transfer to send some boys to Qatar the seat of ASPIRE.

She made a fake group visa for the boys who were stopped at the Douala international Airport as they were on their way to Qatar. The boys were taken to police with the fake visas and when they were released came to meet Emvoutou who has been in hiding.

Emvoutou also extorted money from parents telling them she was in-charge of the ASPIRE football project in Cameroon. She took money from parents and later said it was impossible to get visas.

Asked to refund the money, she paid back some whom she thought could bring trouble for her while for others she has been making unfulfilled promises.

Many who hear this story say this is the kind of woman who would have sold Fecafoot for money were she to be elected as president. It is a shame for those who brought such a person into Fecafoot with the scandals she dragged behind her after elections.

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